CSE 0175 (temporarily CSE 190): Demo Programming

Winter 2017

Instructor: Hovav Shacham, hovav@cs.ucsd.edu
Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30–1:50 PM in WLH 2204 CSB 005
Project Presentations: Tuesday, March 21st, 12:00–2:00 PM in CSB 005
Office hours: Thursdays, 2:00–4:00 PM in EBU3B 3124
Discussion forum: CSE 190-A discussion forum hosted on Piazza


This course is an 8-bit analog of CSE 125, Software System Design and Implementation.

Student teams will implement an audio and video demonstration program that is as impressive as possible on a classic 8-bit computer, 1982’s Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K.

As in CSE 125, students will work in groups on a substantial project, produce a software artifact that they can show to potential employers, and have fun.

In addition, by taking CSE 0175, students will learn exactly how a simple computer is implemented, including the CPU, chipset, and peripherals; and learn to program under extreme resource constraints that require optimization down to the cycle.

Resources: Z80 Programming

Resources: ZX Spectrum Hardware

Resources: ZX Spectrum ROM

Resources: ZX Spectrum Programming

Resources: One-Bit Audio Programming

Software for the ZX Spectrum

Programming Tools

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